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Q. How do I print?


There are three ways to print:

  1. My Print Center
    Upload your document to the My Print Center website for an easy way to print without installing printer drivers. Then swipe your One Card at any Sharp machine on campus to select and print your document. You must be on campus or logged into the secure VPN from off campus to access the My Print Center website. Payment is with DonDollars only.
  2. Printer Drivers for Your Computer / Laptop
    Instructions for installing printer drivers on your personal computer.
  3. Print via Email
    Send a print job to either of these addresses (you must use your USF email account, and be on USF Wireless) then retrieve from any Sharp machine:
  • printbw@usfca.edu (black and white)
  • printcolor@usfca.edu (color)

More details about printing here.

More details about connecting to USF wireless networks here.

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